ABEM Certification Testing

The mission of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) is to protect the public by promoting and sustaining the integrity, quality and standards of training in and practice of Emergency Medicine. To accomplish this mission, ABEM conducts an initial certification program and a maintenance of certification (MoC) program, Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification. ABEM also co-sponsors sub-specialty certification programs, and administers the certification and MoC examinations for the Medical Toxicology sub-specialty in Pearson VUE test centers.


Initial Certification

Physicians who wish to become certified must apply to ABEM for certification. Once you are determined to meet ABEM’s credentialing requirements, your application is approved. You must then take and pass a qualifying examination, administered annually in Pearson VUE test centers. Once you pass this examination, you must take and pass the oral certification examination. Physicians who pass the oral certification examination are diplomates of ABEM and are certified for a period of ten years.

Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification (EMCC)

Diplomates, and former diplomates attempting to regain certification, participate in the EMCC program. The four components of EMCC are Professional Standing, Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment (LLSA), Assessment of Cognitive Expertise (ConCert), and Assessment of Practice Performance. The ConCert examination is the examination that renews certification for a period of ten years. It is administered annually in Pearson VUE test centers.

Practice Examination

ABEM offers a two-hour practice examination in Pearson VUE test centers, to provide you with an experience similar to taking an actual examination.


Before scheduling an examination appointment, you must have already:

  1. Applied to ABEM for certfication;
  2. Been notified of your eligibility to sit for the examination; and
  3. Paid an examination authorization fee to ABEM.

Call ABEM with any questions you have regarding the examination, examination requirements or the examination registration process at 517-332-4800.


First-time test takers must create a Pearson VUE web account. Please note that account creation may require up to 24 hours. You will be notified by email when your account is activated. Appointments may be made up to one business day in advance.

  • Schedule Test Online
  • Schedule Test Over the Phone

After you schedule your test, Pearson VUE will send a confirmation letter listing your test date, your testing time, the address and phone number of the test center, and directions to the test center.

Last updated 2013-11-16