ABP Certification Testing

The Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) is a UK awarding body which possesses expertise in developing and accrediting qualifications of different sizes and levels relevant to a wide range of industry sectors.

ABP enjoys a close relationship with the Association of Business Executives (ABE), an awarding body, established in 1973, operating in over 70 countries and is fully recognised by the UK regulatory authorities for qualifications.

British Business Professional Skills Development (BBPSD) is a British based company who in partnership with ABP specialises in Business Training and Learning Solutions. BBPSD offers a wide range of business training programmes that are accredited ABP. These programmes are written by leading business professionals who have a solid practical experience and academically qualified.

Assessments for the following qualification are available to book with Pearson VUE:

ABP Intermediate Diploma in International Business Skills

Students who successfully complete the programme at Intermediate level will be able to appreciate and develop skills in a broad range of topic areas that are relevant to everyday business.

The programme has been designed with two key aims in mind and these two aims run concurrently through all modules.

The first key aim is that the student will benefit from a personal perspective by developing skills which will enable them to embark confidently on a successful business career. The second main aim of the programme is that businesses in which the student is currently employed in, or about to be employed by, will also benefit as the students engage with topics that are at the forefront of modern day business techniques.

Assessments are available in the following eight modules:

  • Customer Service
  • Business Communications
  • Time Management
  • Business Basics and Finance
  • People Skills
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Self Awareness
  • IT for Business

For further information regarding the ABP Intermediate Diploma in International Business Skills syllabus and assessments please go to www.bbpsd.co.uk.

To book your assessment:

You can book your assessment online or by telephone. Once your registration has been confirmed, you will receive an email from Pearson VUE which will contain your Pearson VUE username and password. You will need this username and password to log on and book an assessment. You should wait until you have received this information before trying to book your assessment.

ABP welcomes entries from students with disabilities or special needs and is able to provide additional help or concessions, such as extra exam time, as appropriate to individual needs.

If you have a special need, you should notify BBPSD prior to booking your assessment by sending an email to the following address: exams@bbpsd.co.uk.

Once you have received confirmation of your special arrangements from ABP, you should then book your assessment by telephone. Special arrangements cannot be booked via the web.

Last updated 2014-12-13