Check Point Certification Testing

Check Point Certifications mean expertise with the technology that secures the internet for all Fortune and Global 100 companies. The benefits of becoming Check Point certified include the skills to support Check Point products, expert access to our SecureKnowledge database and advanced product documentation. See more »

Getting Started

A Check Point User Center or PartnerMAP account is required to receive benefits for Check Point certifications. You must create a new profile here. If you are not sure about your account, please contact Account Services for verification. For results to post to your User Center account, your Pearson VUE account MUST use the same email address as your User Center account.

Check Point Certification News

Coming Soon!

Check Point is releasing an Accreditation exam for the new SandBlast product. This will be a non-proctored exam available from Pearson VUE as exam number 156-730. Look for its release mid-March.

Check Point’s Check Point Certified Security Master certification is moving from version R77 to R77.30 mid-March.

Exam Updates

Check Point’s 215.77 exam for the CCSA is will be based on .30 effective 15 January 2016. Older versions of the exam will be discontinued effective the same date. Check Point’s 315.77 Exam, required to complete the CCSE certification is also based on the .30 version, effective the same date.

Check Point Certification Goes Paperless

Starting 15 June 2015 Check Point discontinued hard copy certificates. You may access your certifications through your Check Point User Center accounts and print a certificate on demand. Check Point no longer provides hard copy certificates.

As always, for your certifications to show in your User Center account, your email address in your Pearson VUE profile must exactly match you User Center email address.

Check Point will only recognize one Pearson VUE profile, and that profile must be tied to your professional e-mail address linked to your User Center profile.

Who Owns Your Certification

Regardless of who pays for the exam, you, the exam candidate own the results. Your exam history is linked to your Certified Professional ID number granted the first time you create a Pearson VUE account. You should never create another one. If you change employers, you need only contact Account Services ( and they will assist you in moving your records to a new account.

When Did You Last Update Your Profiles

Some of our candidates have been with us for a long time, and we value that time. If you’ve changed employers, or your employer has changed mail servers, please take a few minutes and update your Pearson VUE profile AND your Check Point Certification Profile as well. To update your Certification Profile, please contact Check Point at and the Account Services personnel will be happy to assist you.

Training & Exams

Find Authorized Training

Find training near you at a global Authorized Training Center.

Check Point Certification Exams

Once you complete training and have at least 6 months hands-on experience with Check Point products, the only thing standing between you and certification is passing the exams. Be sure you’re prepared for success by reviewing our study guides and practice exams.

View a list of Check Point exams approved by the VA.


Please Note: When creating a web account for online scheduling, please use the email address used to create your Check Point User Center account. Otherwise your results will NOT post to the Check Point User Center and you will not have access to your electronic certificate. Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability.

Last updated 2016-06-07