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HP ExpertOne Certification Testing

HP0 – Proctored exams

HP0 proctored exams are administered at Pearson VUE testing centers. HP0 exam registrations, payments, scheduling and cancellations can all be managed from the Sign In link on the right. An HP Learner ID is required to register for an exam.

HP2 and HP3 – Web-based exams

HP2 and HP3 are online, web-based exams. They offer the convenience of 24-hour access for exam administration. Keep in mind the exams are timed just as they would be in a test center and must be completed within 12 hours of purchase.

HP2 and HP3 web-based exams can be purchased only via the Sign In link on the right. Web-based exam registrations, payments and cancellations are all managed from the Sign In link. An HP Learner ID is required to register for an exam.

System requirements: Before you purchase a web-based exam, click on the button below to verify the computer you will be using for your test meets the system requirements. The exam will not launch if the computer does not meet these requirements.

System Requirements

  • Internet browsers supported:
    - Internet Explorer versions 7 through 10
    - Firefox version 3 or greater
  • Internet browsers not supported at this time:
    - Internet Explorer 11 (coming Spring 2014)
    - Chrome
    - Safari
  • Screen resolution: equal to or greater than 1024 X 768
  • Zoom must be set to default (100%)
  • Flash: version 9 or greater
  • Internet connection: You will need a sustained Internet connection for the duration of the exam.

Last updated 2014-06-20