Washington Nurse Aides


The application and scheduling process for the Washington Nursing Assistant Examination is changing.

Important Dates:

  • 3/11/16: The last date that NACES Plus Foundation will accept PAPER applications or process reschedule requests
  • 3/30/16: The last TEST date in Washington until Pearson Credential Manager system is implemented
  • 3/31/16 through 4/20/16: CONVERSION PERIOD (No scheduling, No testing, No registration)
  • 4/20/16: Washington Nurse Aide Pearson Credential Manager system Go Live date. First date that training programs and Department of Health can go on-line to approve candidates to test.
  • 4/21/16: First date candidates can go on-line to complete registration and schedule an examination.
  • 5/3/16: First available testing date in Washington

Find test information and download handbooks/applications/forms from this page.

Last updated 2016-02-03